Tuesday, October 02, 2018


 The HUMAN NEEDs of Which People are DEPRIVED!


---I don’t think folks realize the importance of being appreciated, being valued, loved, supported, cared for, etc. Folks don’t realize that a life without these key elements is like building a structure or a bridge with shoddy material and/or workmanship that won’t be able to withstand the weight and endurance the structure itself will go through during its’ existence. Eventually, it will come crashing down around itself.

---If we try to build a HUMAN life with shoddy materials and workmanship (the key elements that we spoke of in the last paragraph,) we, also, will be faced with a being that is shattered before his time unable to withstand the hurdles and pitfalls that come his/her way.

---The recipe of life has a healthy portion of the ingredients of love, support, being valued and being appreciated in it. There is NO scrimping on the materials (ingredients) necessary to create a good solid individual able to withstand all that life throws at him or her. Each time he/she interacts with love, being valued and being appreciated…the foundation ITSELF is strengthened and becomes more solid and stronger than it once was.

---Human needs are love, support, being valued and being appreciated. Self-knowledge, self-worth, self-esteem fit in there somewhere, also. If you treat everyone with KINDNESS all-the-time, I'm sure you have done your part. BUT...herein lies the big rub - If these needs are not met convincingly, then we are usually faced with an individual who is seeking to get these needs met. He seems almost consumed with these needs. Addiction is NOT lurking too far away. When they are met, he then is ready to move up along Abraham Maslow’s pyramid. Be Kind!


Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Thursday, March 01, 2018


 RIVALRY: Sibling or Otherwise


---Many find themselves competing and comparing themselves to siblings and/or someone else who seemingly outdoes them at every turn. Him or her gets more notice for his abilities than you do. You discover that there exists a resentment toward this other person that exposes a jealousy you harbor toward him/her for the abilities he has.

---The real winning is NOT who crosses the finish line first. It comes to whomever finds his own pace that causes him/her to perform at his optimum.


---This calls into question the difference between BEING the best OR DOING your best. If the main concern is about being the best, you can see a more roller coaster ride is in store for your life. If your life is about doing your best, you can see how much, more consistent things will most likely be. Be Well.

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Finding "The One"

The phenomenal Esther Perel!