Tuesday, August 27, 2013




---If we see the term WELLNESS as synonymous with the Life-Force...we can use it to describe the healing the body naturally partakes in…on its’ journey to getting better. It is called many thIngs in many cultures (chi, prana, viriditas, the force, life-force, etc.,) but refers to the same ‘’THING.’’ We can call this force/dynamic - the WELLNESS.

---The healing of a wound or cut will happen if we let it. We, also, have broken limbs, allergic reactions, etc. All that the healer would do would be to remove whatever interferes with the healing (wellness) from taking place.

---The WELLNESS is allowed to do its’ thing…which is to increase the wellness of the organism. We allow the wellness to make us well. If one truly ‘’gets’’ this concept…then ONE really understands the whole of it. This may sound like wordplay, but, believe me…it is not. It is having a positive manner of accepting the INEVITABLE.

---Living on the hospice…the question of where WELLNESS stands on the life/death process is natural. It would be to die in peace…and not be tortured to the end. It is an accepting of life and death as part of what we do instead of setting up a resistance to it and constantly trying to ''thwart it'' to NOT allow it to happen. Many folks have much of there fear based on this…NOT realizing that this fear governs much of the choices that they make. Their quality of life would improve with an upgrade of attitude in this area. Be Well.

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