Monday, September 09, 2013


                                          WELLNESS IS NOT

HAPPINESS (necessarily)

 ---Wellness does not necessarily mean that you have everything that you may want. We have to look at this more closely. As an example...we will use smoking. In the 1950's...society was encouraged to smoke. We were told that anything negative that comes from smoking was just that – negligible. We were told that 4 out of 5 doctors – smoked. It was all over TV and movies, restaurants and buses, etc. Anywhere people were...smoking was!

 ---Over the years, society has wised-up. Not everyone at the same rate, but, after many years of wreaking havoc on many things – we realize that we all have to cut back on our desire systems...and that is for the very survival of our planet and ourselves. We learned that many things that we thought were making us happy had dire consequences and made us sick in the process. The side-effects that all things carry NOW wants to be dealt with. And, it is not allowing us to pass it on by passing the problem to someone else. It is taking root in our own backyards.

---Suddenly, we have become conscious of what the payback is to the kinds of things that we do. We have to weigh the happiness and wellness factors against each other. We see how important are the  choices we make that promote the kinds of things that we want to see and be. We find that if we are concerned strictly with wellness we may have to relegate ourselves to NOT doing some or many of the things that we used to do that (we thought) made us happy.  We can NO longer trade-off our health (planetary + individual) for many of the things that had promises of happiness. We, also, can't do well at the expense of another. If that is what you do you'll find that someone close to you will have objections to that...if NOT the person him/herself – someday soon. People will get pissed-off enough and say something where at onetime you were allowed more ''error space'' and got away with negative behavior more easily.

---We must find a lifestyle that we can live with...that has wellness and happiness built into it. NOT a trade-off situation where it is either ''happiness'' OR ''wellness.'' We choose a lifestyle where things that make us HAPPY are also GOOD FOR US. In my estimation, one isn't really well unless he is happy, also. I'm speaking of a sustained happy and NOT just fleeting moments of happy...every now and then. Your style of living allows for a well-rounded and healthy dose of well-being...all-or-most-of-the-time. Be Well.

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