Friday, May 20, 2016




---Did you ever LOVE someone who didn’t LOVE you back? Did you ever have a crush on someone who didn’t feel the same way about you? This is hardcore rejection as far as I can see AND you will, probably, spend some time in the dumper because of it.

---At those times it can feel like you were kicked in the pit of the stomach…and you can’t see anyway out. It is very difficult to do anything else. This consumes, basically, every bit of attention you can muster. You spend a lot of time on different ways that you should have handled things. You spend much time living in the ‘if…only’s.’

---This is important to remember at those times. You WILL feel better, even, though, you CAN’T see it. It doesn’t seem like you will ever pullout of this one. As many of us know…that this won’t last forever. When you get back into the flow of things, everything will be better…EVENTUALLY!

---I’d like to say here that many of us are in that boat…we just aren’t aware of that fact. We have this thing called our potential, and if you are like many of us, you aren’t quite living up to it. You are unrequited in that sense. So, then you will probably say, if I don’t know what that is, it can’t hurt ME.

---I think there is a restless part of ourselves that is well aware of how we’re doing in terms of our capabilities. As the old saying goes…you CAN’T fool mother nature. If you are fulfilling what your purpose is and doing what is on target for you, that is reflected in how you feel about what you’re doing. The questions that arise are not ‘what should I be doing?’ but, more like, ‘I wonder if this is the BEST way to do what I’m doing?’ You'll be stuck on fine tuning and tweaking INSTEAD of being stuck on the major questions all-the-time.

---That is why I see self-acceptance to be so important. If everything that you do has the feel of I don’t feel I’m good enough to do it, everything that you do will reflect that. You will be asking that question ad nauseam - am I doing what I’m suppose to be doing? OR, better yet…am I suppose to be who I am? With self-acceptance…that question will have already been answered. The doubt that you will labor under without self-acceptance will negatively affect the quality of ALL you produce.  Be Well.


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